Republican Roots

Benton County Republican Party presents

Republican Roots

Working locally to maintain our great American heritage for all citizens and future generations

Join us to help communicate the important contributions Republicans have made in this great country.
Work with us to help forge a new future built on proven American history.
Stay with us if you believe in our proud history. 

Representative: ---- We declare that the role of government should be to deal with the legislative ideas brought forth by the local citizenry in a fair and equitable manner.
Equality: ---- The Republican Party came into being to combat the extension of slavery in this country (1854).
Progress: ---- We are the party that represents the true meaning of the word "progressive" because of our emphasis on the importance of the individual in moving forward.
Unity: ---- The Party of Lincoln, who prevented the fatal fracturing of the Union (1865).
Benevolence: ---- We believe in the importance of giving of ourselves to help family, friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. Personal involvement helps to build and strengthen "community," and gives special meaning to our endeavors.
Liberty: ---- We embrace constitutionally defined liberty that - simply put - empowers local communities by strengthening individual freedoms.
Integrity: ---- We are the party responsible for the first anti-trust laws, and of the first president to enforce them (1890, 1902).
Civil Rights: ---- Republicans presented and passed the first Civil Rights Act of 1875, which guaranteed equal treatment in public accommodations. The Act was declared unconstitutional, but was later incorporated into the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Acceptance: ---- Republicans accept all those who value individual liberty.
Nature: ---- We are the Party that secured public beach access for the people of Oregon (1967).
Sustainability: ---- The Republican Party is responsible for the first national park - Yellowstone (1872).

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