BOOK: Back to Basics for the Republican Party

Michael Zak is the author of Back to Basics for the Republican Party, the acclaimed history of the GOP from the civil rights perspective. From the first page of the book: "As you know, Democrats control most of the media, but they also write most of the history books, thereby controlling what even Republican activists think they know about our Party's glorious heritage."

Mr. Zak claims that Republicans squander political capital each time the anniversary of an important civil rights achievement goes by uncelebrated. Why is this? It is because the Republican Party has been the vanguard for the advancement of civil rights yet, over time, Republican's have let the Democrats define their party. Isn't it time that we rediscover our past so we, not they, can confidently and proudly define ourselves as we get back to basics? Visit Grand Old Partisan Blog and Know Your Republican Heritage for a taste of what you'll learn about the Republican Party, the people, and the events that have shaped our glorious party in Back to Basics for the Republican Party. From the book...

    "The more we Republicans know about the history of our party, the more the Democrats will worry about the future of theirs."

Back to Basics for the Republican Party is available through the Benton County Republican Women for $20. Pick up your copy at Republican Headquarters, 1760 SW 3rd St. in Corvallis or through your favorite bookseller. Read more about Mr. Zak's book at Mr. Zak can be contacted at

Photo of Mr. Zak by Paul Rentz, Corvallis, Oregon