BOOK: Set Up & Sold Out

According to author, Holly Swanson, there is a tremendous amount of good that can result from the universal awareness of environmental issues and Americans should take continuous positive steps toward environmental excellence but she cautions, that Americans not allow themselves to be set up to be sold out by a radically oppressive, ideologically and politically motivated assortment of groups she refers to as “Greens”. She writes,

"The Greens are advancing their political plans disguised as progressive solutions to environmental protection. Greens plan to use fear of environmental doom to pass laws that will: control individual opportunities and actions; control business and; end private property rights."

"The Green plan calls for a complete social transformation that will erase our culture. The issue is, do we need to change everything about America to protect the environment for future generations?" Ms. Swanson reminds her readers of Aristotle's words: "All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind are convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." She then describes how radical green politics has become entrenched in America's school curiculum.

Do Green goals defy the U.S. Constitution? The author recommends these websites for further study: Earth Charter USA (read the Earth Charter), Green Party USA (see Platform) and Communist Party USA.

Holly Swanson is the founder and director of Operation Green Out! a campaign “to get green politics out in the open and out of the classroom.” To learn more about Operation Green Out! call 541-830-1446 or email

Set Up & Sold Out is available through the Benton County Republican Women for $20. Pick up your copy at Republican Headquarters, 1760 SW 3rd St. in Corvallis or through your favorite bookseller.